Introduction to the company

Mikov Ltd. is an experienced, world-recognized manufacturer of a wide range of knives and office supplies. Mikov delivers its products to shops not only in the Czech Republic but also all over Europe, the USA and Russia.
Mikov is well known particularly for its range of products addressing a wide spectrum of customers in addition to the traditional high quality of its products. Mikov produces butcher's, kitchen, craftsmen's, gardening, hunting, fishing, army, sports, folding, spring and special knives. Also, promotional knives as well as the production of customized knives for collectors are available.

As for office products, Mikov is a traditional manufacturer of scissors, staplers, punches, sharpeners, numbering machines and pins. Mikov also manufactures wall-mounted rack systems and grounding clips for welding.
Thanks to our own completely equipped tool shop, Mikov is a fully self-supporting business in providing tools and moulds for its own production. The remaining capacity of the tool shop is offered to external customers. Mikov produces various pressing tools and exact cutting of metals, various forms for plastics moulding and zinc casting dies.

Mikov also offers free capacity of its production technologies. It includes exact cutting of metals using FENTOOL (F 250/160t) press technologies and extrusion of metals on eccentric presses from 6 to 250t.

Mikov also offers free capacity for carbon steel hardening using oil-protected atmosphere technology and for stainless steels in a protective atmosphere. Continuous hardening SAFED furnaces are used for hardening.

The company also offers free capacity for zinc pressure casting technology. In combination with the mould production for zinc pressure castings in our own tool shop, Mikov provides complete zinc castings to our partners.

And last but not least, Mikov offers free capacity of vibrating grinding technology and metal product polishing technology on RÖSLER lines.

Mikov provides post-warranty servicing, spare parts and repairs of its own products.

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