Organization Quality Policy for 2007-2014

Quality policy of organization Mikov s.r.o. is based on the Code of Ethics and organization strategy and develops it mainly in the following areas:

In relation to values and organization development

§      we lay emphasis on achievement of stability and quality improvement of our services using process-oriented quality system in all our processes,

§     we create quality system and its improvement to keep it going as a permanent process,

§    we lay emphasis on continual improvement of all control processes, on increase in knowledge level of all our employees, usage of the latest pieces of experience upon human resources management,

§      we increase responsibility for creating conditions for further development of our organization

§      we increase internal culture through which we bindingly determine the approach to quality of all activities performed for the benefit of the customers

In relation to customers

§      upon building relations with customers we lay emphasis on a long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation,

§      we supply services and products with subsequent after-sale service in the highest possible quality in relation to price and customer's requirements to reach his/her full satisfaction,

§      the customers' requirements are the first concern in the decision control process

§      we prefer an increase in mutual trust by mutual introduction of management and we give priority to personal negotiations,

§      we meet our customers' requirements with emphasis on the most accurate setting of parameters concerning orders and obtaining objective and complete information. 

In relation to employees

§      we create fair relations with our employees because we are aware of the fact that the performance and good reputation of the company are determined by the quality of its employees,

§      we encourage our employees in terms of fellow-feeling with the company,

§      we support team spirit,

§      we create favourable wage policy with regard to fulfilment of targets and achievement of appropriate quality and economy of production and deadlines,

§      we support an open constructive dialogue,

§      we increase professional level of employees knowledge on all levels,

§      we create conditions for positive approach of all employees to the questions of quality and environmental protection,

§      we minimize the effects of technologies on human health,

§      we encourage the employees in terms of consciousness of responsibility for safety at work and protection of one's own health.

In relation to suppliers

§      we build high-quality cooperation with suppliers and cooperate on mutual relation development,

§      we lay emphasis on withdrawal of sub-deliveries in the highest possible quality.

In relation to owners

§      we lay emphasis on production cost reduction and generating appropriate profit for our owner.

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