Environmental Policy

Mikov s.r.o. uses its employees' knowledge and builds upon their engagement, issue knowledge and managing abilities in concordance with basic specialization of the company: 

  • to be a market-oriented company that is able to compete in the fields of its business by quality of its products and by level of relation to the environment also in the most demanding world markets. In this connection we regard the relation to the environment as an inseparable part of all business activities.
  • to fulfil effective provisions of all acts, directives, regulations and other obligations relating to environmental protection and,
  • constantly improve environmental management system,
  • to maintain the environmental management system and within its limit to specify the roles, responsibilities and powers so that the responsibility for the particular areas is an inseparable part of the whole responsibility of superior employees on all levels of management,
  • to lead an open dialogue with employees, authorities, interest groups and public and to provide them with information for better understanding of the policy, approved targets and results of realized programmes concerning the environment,
  • constantly reduce and manage impacts of activities, products and services on the environment to the level that does not exceed the level relevant to economically acceptable applications of the best available techniques,
  • to focus on environmental pollution prevention and prevention against increase in number of industrial injuries, industrial diseases and accidents,
  • to reduce energy, water, raw material and chemical consumption and thoroughly evaluate its consumption with focus on its maximum utilization and waste reduction,
  • to use the educational system and training of employees to increase their consciousness and knowledge in the field of environmental protection with focus on pollution prevention and risk reduction,
  • to cooperate with suppliers and customers on promoting principles of sustainable development of the organization with regard to environmental protection; within the marketing to focus on customers' environmental requirements,
  • upon planning and operating new technologies to direct one's attention according to the latest condition of technology with focus on implementing products, processes and services reducing impacts on the environment and improving working conditions for employees,
  • to include the issue of accident rate at work as a criterion for evaluation of company culture and to achieve that each employee feels his/her own responsibility for industrial injury that arises to him-/herself or at a workplace he/she is responsible for.
  • It is the duty and responsibility of all of us to fulfil the requirements of this policy and thus participate in constant improvement of the environment.
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