Vision and Mission


By constant improvement of process management, increasing the reliability and outputs of production capacities and positively motivating all employees the company aims at the active employment of the growing market potentials and the creation of strong, mutually beneficial partner relations with the current and future customers.


What we aim to be:

·      an important knife-producing company in the world market

·         a sought-after employer offering attractive jobs for the best people in all professions

·         long-term proof of the success of the Czech hand/brain combination

·         a company, which its employees can be proud of

·         a reliable partner for customers and suppliers 


Company values are the principles, which are a guideline for our viewpoints and conduct. These principles have been set in our company to make sure that all of us are moving in the same direction.

Our values are:

·         growth, productivity, speed and efficiency

·         reliability, quality

·         capacity for action, creativity

·         ethics in business, the environment

·         co-responsibility for the community, in which we live

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