How to buy

1) In the left section of the screen select the category, which you wish to view and click the relevant button.Select for example the category - Knife Products


2) Choose from the wide range of knives by clicking on the name of one of the sub-categories.Browse for example through the range of pen-knives made of stainless steel.


3) The compete range, which is offered by our company in the given category, will be displayed on your monitor.In the top part of each product you will find a catalogue number, in the middle there is an image of the product and at the bottom you can see the price including VAT. Click the cursor on the photograph or the name of the product, which will give you the product details.


4) In this section you can discover important information about the product – its catalogue number, product name, length of the product, length and width of the blade, weight and obviously the retail price including VAT at 21%.Some products are sold in two types, in such a case it is always specified what type it is including the price.If you are interested in buying a product, adjust the figure in the box - Number of items (default setting is 1).With some products it is possible to select one of two types, e.g. with or without a ring attachment. In such a case there is a roll-down menu – Types available.By clicking on the button – Shopping basket you will have performed the first stage of on-line shopping. This step is confirmed by displaying a window with the message – The product has been placed into your shopping basket.


5) Click the Shopping basket icon and you will see all the products which you placed in it while shopping. 6) With each product you will find its image as well as information about the current number of items in the shopping basket, the type of product and its price including VAT at 21%.If you wish to remove the product from the shopping basket, click on the Remove button. This step is confirmed by displaying a window with the message – The product has been removed from your shopping basket.7) If you have finished shopping and you have at least one item in the shopping basket, fill in the form necessary for goods delivery. The compulsory boxes are indicated in bold letters. To complete the shopping click on the Submit the order button.


Before submitting read carefully all the information you have entered, make sure that the order contains all the products, which you wish to order and that the total price of the shopping is correct.

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