1. dubna 2021

These are the second holidays that we experience unconventionally. Basically, we can't go anywhere in nature, we can't visit each other and we can forget about the classic easter traditions.

It is not easy even in terms of our production. We do everything that other companies do - we test (by the way, a few months before it was mandatory), we follow hygiene regulations, we look for material from suppliers who have big (and understandable) problems with meeting deadlines, we send goods ordered through the e-shop and, of course, we are still developing and preparing new products.

We also introduced one important innovation this month. Although the professional waiter's knife Handy has been in our offer for a long time, it is now manufactured with new technology.  You can enjoy its quality at a very interesting price. 

Even though we don't like big words or phrases that are used too often, such as the one about the light at the end of the tunnel, we hope that the situation will improve soon - both here, in Bohemian Switzerland and there, where you are right now. Easter is not only a Christian holiday but also an anticipation of the nicer part of the year - spring and summer. That's why we wish you a happy Easter.

Thank you for your support, we appreciate it very much. 

Happy Easter