Uncertain times - invest in knives

22. června 2021

Every time we open an economic newspaper, it is very likely that the headlines will say something like: A price increase! Apartments, cars, building materials, raw materials, electronics, food - simply, prices of everything are skyrocketing.

But if you look at our e-shop, you will find that we are going against the trend so far and keeping the prices. And the fact that we are writing "yet" is not a dark threat on our part, but a dry statement that sooner or later we won't be able to defend ourselves against economic reality either. 

The price rise is actually a manifestation of the fact that the value of the money we earn is gradually decreasing. And of course, no one wants that. So when you are looking for a way to prevent your savings from devaluing, economists will always say that it is best to make good investments. 

Buying quality knives is definitely one of them because their price does not decrease over time. And we don't mean just the investment into Rybička made of real gold or the limited edition of UTON for the anniversary of the republic and General Bílý's knife, whose collector's price has multiplied in recent years. The collections of knives are various, and whoever devotes some of them honestly to a moment will create a very valuable collection over time. And it is quite indifferent whether it is UTONs, hunting or even handicraft knives. 

Thanks to cooperation with the Army of the Czech Republic, we can also give investing and collecting a dimension of helping others. Our War Veteran project has already brought hundreds of thousands of crowns to the Military Solidarity Fund, and so far only the Storm knife is available. But this year the offer will be expanded by another piece. Be surprised. 

Our grandfathers and grandmothers said a profound truth: We are not rich enough to afford to buy cheap things. The rule is generally valid, but for knives, it should still be underlined. 

What does this mean? If you are planning to buy a good knife, do not put it off too much. Buying on time has paid off at any time, but today it may pay off even more than ever.