What about knives in nature?

29. ledna 2024

Knives are an indispensable tool in nature, and not only for outdoor enthusiasts. Their uses are varied and include everything from survival activities to small tasks during family outings. And because repetition is the mother of wisdom, Mikov believes that even experienced backpackers can't be hurt by a few brief examples of how to use knives in the outdoors.

  1. Food preparation

Probably the most common use. Anyone who has ever experienced a situation where they had a loaf of bread and preserves in the woods, but lacked a knife, will be well advised not to repeat the situation next time. Of course, we don't take specialised kitchen knives into the woods with us, but for slicing bread, peeling potatoes or processing meat, all pocket and fixed blade outdoor knives serve well. A literally universal group of knives are the so-called EDC knives. Mikov range is simply too big for these uses.

  1. Building shelters

Knives are useful for chopping branches, cutting twine, and modifying structures. If you are planning to build a shelter and it should be a bit larger, Mikov recommends the Guru knife or a knife with an expandable tool kit, such as the UTON military knife, for this purpose. Among the closing knives, hunting knives, especially if equipped with a saw, and the equally equipped Praktik or Hiker knives come in handy. 

  1. Safety

Knives are really important for our safety in the outdoors. They can be used to open emergency packs, cut rope or cord and create improvised tools or even a makeshift splint in case of an accident. Rescue knives are ideal, of course. However, we don't usually take them into the woods with us, but in an emergency they are a great substitute for a knife from the Crocodile range. 

  1. Repair and maintenance

When something goes wrong, it usually comes at the least opportune time. A broken backpack strap may serve as an example, but anything can go wrong. A knife may not be the ideal tool for specialized repairs, but since it's often the only tool we have with us in the backcountry, it can serve very well. That's also why Mikov equips its Stovka pocket knives with spikes, screwdrivers or scissors. 

  1. Woodworking

We often build fires in nature. Sometimes for fun, but there can also be situations where fire literally saves our lives. We don't always carry an axe with us, so knives are an absolutely crucial tool for preparing wood. They help in chopping it, splitting it, or making 'hairy wood' for kindling. Mikov offers such knives as the Patron or any of the fixed-blade hunting knives - either from the Special or Klasik group. 

  1. Opening the package

Sometimes we run out of battery in a flashlight. We have a spare with us, but the supplier has sealed it in the blister pack in such a way that we simply can't get it out without the knife. This is just one example of how knives can become a literally indispensable practical tool. And it's not just for opening packages, it's also useful for cutting rope or string and so on. And as Mikov's customers' experience proves, sometimes in such cases it's enough to have just an ordinary Fishlet in your pocket. 

Having a knife with you in nature is simply important. A knife can save our well-being on a trip, but it can also sometimes save our lives.