What types of kitchen knives we have

7. listopadu 2022

When you say kitchen knife, many of us still think of a nondescript knife somewhere on the kitchen counter that does everything when cooking. And that's a shame, because by choosing the right knife, we not only save ourselves unnecessary effort, but also reduce the chances of cutting into your finger instead of your vegetables, bread or meat. So it's a good idea not to skimp on knives and to try out which of these helpers is the most suitable for a particular job. So let's take a look at the options in our basic range of popular kitchen knives, which we've called KLASIK.

Chef's knife
It is the largest of the kitchen knives and is also called a chef's knife. It can handle almost all the tasks we expect from a knife in the kitchen, which is why professionals reach for it most often. The knife has a wide blade and therefore there is enough distance between the fingers gripping the handle of the knife and the cutting board. When slicing and chopping, the wide and curved blade makes it easy to manipulate the knife so that it moves sideways on the cutting board and the tip rests on the cutting board. It cuts meat, cold cuts, fruit, vegetables and herbs well.

An increasingly popular knife in Czech cuisine, but originating from Asian cuisine and translated as 'knife of the three virtues'. Thanks to its light weight, thin blade and wide tip, it can cut very narrow and small shapes. It is particularly useful for slicing vegetables.

Vegetable knife
Vegetables need to be cleaned, peeled or cut out before slicing. A utility knife or santoku is too large and clumsy for this job, so a vegetable knife is small, light and easy to handle.

A boning knife
It has a tapered and flexible blade that conforms to the bone when boning and does not damage the meat unnecessarily. In addition to separating meat from bone, it is also great for removing tendons and skinning.

Fish knife
Similar to a boning knife, but its construction is better adapted to the anatomy of the fish. It is great for filleting and skinning fish where food preparation requires it.

Peeling knife
As its name suggests, this knife is designed primarily for peeling fruit and vegetables, but it is also suitable for slicing herbs or sausages. It complements the vegetable knife well.

Universal knife
Just like the chef's knife, the utility knife can be used for all cooking preparations. It is popular not only because of its versatility, but also because it is smaller than a chef's knife, which sometimes inspires too much respect.