28. listopadu 2022

Air cord pattern 27

One of the novelties of this year is a faithful copy of the air cord pattern 27. It is one of the products that we are very happy about, because it carries a good portion of craftsmanship and also reminds us of a significant personality of our First Republic army.
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21. listopadu 2022

Why we claim 1794

A few years ago, we added the English "since 1794" to our logo. This refers to the year when the merchant Ignaz Rõsler started the first industrial production of knives and small metal goods in Mikulášovice.
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14. listopadu 2022

Fish knife (Rybička) has expanded the family of knives with stonewash finish

The stonewash finish on knife blades is becoming increasingly popular. While a mirror-polished knife is of course elegant and looks luxurious, it is not always practical. And we don't just mean the constant need to wipe fingerprints on it.
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