20. května 2024

And how will Fishlet help you?

According to our survey, the knife is considered the most useful promotional gift. It's practical, portable and lasts a long time. And if the gift is a Fishlet, it adds positive emotion and tradition to the mix.
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13. května 2024

Just an ordinary pad?

We recently received a question from a customer asking what kind of pads Mikov uses on the Predator knife. And it's an important question. Most of the time, we're interested in what's visible at first glance - the blade, the blade guard, or the bolsters. But there are other components on the knife. They're hidden, inconspicuous, and yet, if they were missing, the knife wouldn't work properly. The liner is a typical representative of them.
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6. května 2024

War veteran project - plans and reality

Mikov's tradition includes working with and supporting the armed forces. The War Veteran Project has brought a system and motivation to this tradition that has lasted for years. We regularly contribute to the Military Solidarity Fund and at the same time launch new products.
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