19. února 2024

Spona na noži - ano nebo ne?

Rozhodujete se pro koupi zavíracího nože? Kladete si otázku, jestli si koupit nůž se sponou nebo bez ní? V nabídce Mikova jsou nože obou variant. Následující text by vám měl pomoci v tom, abyste zvážili výhody i nevýhody a rozhodli se tak, aby to pro vás bylo optimální řešení.
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12. února 2024

Mikov will not be absent at the 50th IWA exhibition in Nuremberg

Every year, the international trade fair IWA OutdoorClassics takes place at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. The exhibition was founded in 1973 under the name "IWA Internationale Waffen-Ausstellung" (International Weapons Exhibition). The founder was Dr. Gerhard Wirnsberger, at that time head of the German Hunting and Shooting Association (Deutscher Jagdschutz-Verband e.V.).
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6. února 2024

Children and knives - do they go together?

Every child sooner or later encounters a sharp knife. Most often it is at home, in the kitchen, but it can also be on a trip in the countryside or perhaps somewhere visiting friends in the garden. The best protection against being seriously injured by a knife is to teach him respect and technique in how to handle a knife.
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