Fish knife (Rybička) has expanded the family of knives with stonewash finish

14. listopadu 2022

The stonewash finish on knife blades is becoming increasingly popular. While a mirror-polished knife is of course elegant and looks luxurious, it is not always practical. And we don't just mean the constant need to wipe fingerprints on it.

Especially with tactical and survival knives, their owners need to keep the attention off themselves. The stonewash treatment therefore reliably eliminates all unwanted glare and, in addition, hides many signs of use.

At the same time, this does not mean that a knife with this blade finish is not elegant - on the contrary. The stonewash finish creates a beautiful combination with other parts of the knife. The new Fishknife (Rybička), whose blade is complemented by a golden blade, is proof of this.

In addition to tje Fish knife (Rybička), Mikov also offers other knives in stonewash finish. First of all, there is the Predator made of N690 steel and then the EDC knives Patron, List and the new Elipt.

And where and how is the stonewash surface on the blades created? It is created in special drums filled with stones and water with additional chemical abrasives in which the blades are literally washed for several hours. It is from this operation that this treatment gets its name.