Golf with a knife

If you play golf, the season starts for you, so you know that you need to prepare everything you need. Quality equipment - clothes, shoes, or holes - will help you give a good performance on the field. And most importantly, whatever your handicap, you will feel comfortable and comfortable in the time you spend with friends playing that gentleman's game. And it is safe because golf as a sport in pairs with a spacing of at least 10 meters meets all epidemic regulations.


These are the second holidays that we experience unconventionally. Basically, we can't go anywhere in nature, we can't visit each other and we can forget about the classic easter traditions.

Behind our classic kitchen knives is the legend of Czech design

Knives, unlike electronics or home appliances, for example, have a longer life. Often a knife stays in the limelight for decades. And it doesn't have to be just the iconic Rybička or the military UTON. It can also be an ordinary kitchen knife

On Valentine's Day

It is estimated that on Valentine's Day on Earth, a whole billion people will receive a nice note or little something. That is why we have prepared a special "love" edition of decorated Fish knife for you, which can also be such a surprising and original gift. By the way, do you know what is behind the Valentine's Day?

Mikov bets on the prevention and regular testing when protecting workers from COVID-19

Equipping workshops and offices with disinfectants, strict adherence to hygienic measures, temperature sensors at the entrance to the factory, and regular testing - these are the methods by which Mikov fights the spread of COVID-19.

Looking for Spring

When the child heroes of CS Lewis' fantasy book The Chronicles of Narnia arrive in a country ruled by a white witch, they discover that although there is always winter, people living there never celebrate Christmas. It's depressing, and it's a bit like our current January. Let's not fail!

We're a team

He says to himself, who sees photos of machines from our workshops - this is a standard industrial factory. But it is not that simple. Yes, you will find presses, grinders, lathes, hardening furnaces, milling machines. However, what is at the end of production is not a component that is consumed and discarded in a very short time. At the end of our efforts, there is a knife!

How not to cut yourself in the kitchen? Ten safety rules when working with a knife

Grilling, baking, and cooking in the kitchen, in general, are hobbies and sources of joy for many of us. But the kitchen is also a place where you need to be vigilant because there is a risk of burns, scalding, or even very unpleasant cutting injuries with kitchen knives.

In 2020, the Mikov Group emphasized production with higher added value and e-commerce, and is preparing further digitization and robotization

“The increased demand of our customers for quality and advanced products this year has led us to focus our main energy on the digitization and robotization of all workplaces that do not require a professional level of craftsmanship. Therefore, already in 2021, there will be further fundamental in the group shifts to industry 4.0, "said the director and owner of the Mikov group, Karel Ježek.